About Bebeconfort

Small moments. Big smiles.


Our values

As a brand we want families to be able to trust on our products. Everyday reliability, no matter what the day holds! We are there to protect and nurture every minute of every day.

Focusing on giving you as a parent the tools you need, with no unnecessary jargon. Always ready for playtime!


Our mission

We’re there to help every family get the most fun out of every moment they spend together. We believe that family time should be fun time!

So we provide a broad range of reliable products that ‘just work’, leaving families free to simply enjoy life, with all its happy little daily surprises.


Our brandstory

As a family, every moment together counts.

No matter how small or everyday they seem; they all matter.

Because they’re what memories are made of.


So have fun. Be silly. Play more.

Release your inner child.


Family time is playtime.


We have a unique, spontaneous spirit at the heart of our brand.

That’s why our elephant logo shows the moment of fun & love between

parent and baby, as well as the unbreakable emotional bond.

It’s a good reminder for us all – that even though parenting is a serious

job - don’t forget to have fun.


Bebe Confort has been helping families enjoy their daily routine, since 1936.

And even though times may change, some things don’t.


There’s always going to be messy mealtimes, nap times, family days out

and the usual crazy chaos of family life.


From strollers to sippy-cups, bouncers to bottle-feeds, car seats to

highchairs – we’ve got you.


We design products that just work.

Simple, safe, sustainable and reliable, so you can focus on what matters most.


Enjoying your everyday and having fun together as a family.


Small moments. Big smiles.